Physical Treatments to Zero Lot Lines

To comply with BCA, each house or dwelling is to be independent from each other. Because there is a rising number of houses being built on the edge of a block, not allowing enough space to apply the chemical treatment zone; we are required to install a physical treatment to any wall that is within 500mm of the boundary. The two major differences in construction are cavity walls and single leaf walls with an attached pier.

To comply with these requirements, Envirotechnics offers HomeGuard as a product.homeguard


HomeGuard is a safe and cost effective precision termite protection and termite treatment system. It is a physical and chemical termite management system in one which has been developed by FMC Australasia. It is installed to the foundation of new buildings or extensions to prevent concealed entry of termites. Regardless of your building’s design there is a HomeGuard solution to protect the structure from termite invasion.
(Source –  HomeGuard website)

HomeGuard GT (granules)

HomeGuard GT is manufactured in Australia from 95% recycled plastic that has been extruded to contain Bifenthrin Termiticide. HomeGuard GT is a versatile product which allows flexibility in application for the installation of the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System. The product can be applied into the cavity as a full perimeter installation, or it can be used for situations where the installation of sheet materials is not practical.

HomeGuard Blue

HomeGuard Blue is manufactured in Australia from 300 micron, UV stabilized blue polymer sheeting containing Bifenthrin Termiticide which provides perimeter termite protection. This material is not rated to provide a moisture proof membrane. Predominately used as a perimeter/cavity barrier it offers builders an economical alternative sheet barrier for situations where a damp proof course is not required.

To see what the different Homeguard Products look like, click here.

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