What is a Pre-treat?

A Pre-treat is a chemical termiticide treatment applied under the slab into the soil, to prevent termite activity gaining access into the house or dwelling via the penetrations through the slab, control gaps, expansion gaps, cracking in the slab, as well as the access between the footings and the slab towards the cavity into the roof.


Information for Builders


•  Jobs need to be booked at least 48 hours before spray.
•  Cancellations require no less than 24 hours notice.
•  The plumber must complete the pre-lay before the spray.
•  A Pre-treat should be applied after the concretor prepares the pad before they lay the poly and mesh.
•  Soil levels are not to be disturbed after soil is treated.
•  The Poly must be laid within 24 hours of pad being treated.
•  The treatment can not be carried out without the supervisor or concretor (grano) on site.
•  Water must be available on site. It is illegal for technicians to drive with a full tank of chemical.
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