HomeGuard Blue

IMG_20131212_105125edited HomeGuard Blue is a professional termite management system for new structures and extensions to existing  structures. The purpose of HomeGuard is to deter concealed entry by subterranean termites from the soil  into a structure above the termite system as per AS3660.1.

HomeGuard Blue contains 1g/kg of Bifenthrin which is dispersed fully throughout the plastic sheeting.

HomeGuard Blue is to be used for perimeter applications in combination with a concrete slab acting as  physical termite management system, and/or in combination with other termite management systems as per  AS3660.1.

In almost all situations HomeGuard sheeting is held in place by construction materials as the structure is built. In such cases adhesives or binding sheets are required until these construction components are installed. In situations where construction materials do not exert pressure on sheet overlaps such as perimeter cavities a permanent bond must be created.






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