Pre-treat to Garage & Perimeter Treatment (Part B)

A Pre-treat to the Garage is a termiticide treatment to prevent active termites from entering between the expansion gaps of the internal walls and into stored items that clients have in their garage or carport; it also prevents active workings getting into the cover plate of the cavity wall (if applicable). The treatment is applied adjacent to/around the piers and poles, making sure termites don’t get into any concealed areas.  enviros sprayer

A Part B treatment is applied to prevent termite activity gaining access to a house or dwelling. It is a liquid termiticide treatment around the perimeter of a house or dwelling adjacent to an area where visual inspection cannot be assessed, for example, onto the footings of the house. We will attempt to provide this treatment at the same time as the Garage spray. If it is not ready at garage spray, then we will rebook for the next available time and contact you to advise of the change. The Part B spray must be done before any warranty certificate can be issued. This treatment is included in the price of the Pre-treat (Part A) spray.

 Click here to see what our requirements are of Builders for these treatments. 



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