Pre-treat to Garage & Perimeter Treatment (Part B) Requirements

Requirements for Builders

•Water must be available on site.
•Jobs need to be called in at least 48 hours before spray.
•Cancellations require no less than 24 hours notice.
•Please ensure there is no rubbish, scaffolding, render or large amounts of sand within the garage area and that soil levels are even as to avoid a call out fee if we have to visit more than once.
•Please ensure the Part B is ready to go at garage stage. If we are unable to do this treatment at this stage, we will arrange for our technician to go out again at the earliest convenience. If, at this second trip, the Part B is still unable to be completed, the next time we go out to the site, and all subsequent visits, will incur a call out fee of minimum $90+GST.
•Perimeter sprays require the soil levels to be even, and for it to be clear of all rubbish and other items (including tiles, rubbish, scaffolding, etc.) to allow an even flow of chemical emulsion around the dwelling without any gaps or breaks in the treatment zone.
•Envirotechnics require a 150mm exclusion zone from the wall around the house or dwelling free of paving and other materials.
•We cannot complete the Perimeter spray if there are other trades working on site!


Please check the sticker in the Meterbox before any paving goes down to confirm that the Part B spray has been completed. If there is no sticker, call us to confirm. It is required that this spray is completed before any warranty is provided. If you approve paving to go down before this treatment can be done, it will be your responsibility to organise the paving team to lift the header course of pavers for us to treat the soil beneath and to cover any costs this might incur.

IMG_6111This Perimeter is NOT ready to be sprayed.


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