Envirotechnics offers tailored mining pest management solutions to clients engaged in a wide variety of activities in the mining and resource industries.

What we can offer you:

  • Commitment to adhere to mining companies guidelines and specifications
  • A dedicated team of technicians, with our Head Office in Perth
  • Extensive knowledge of Quarantine Specifications
  • Provision of in-house training for personnel and service continuity for the life of the project
  • Ability to ensure quarantine compliancy for all engaged contractors
  • Commitment to Safe Work Practices
  • Commitment to IIF ( Incident & Injury Free)
  • Over 20 years of expertise in the Pest Management industry

Services offered:

  • Marine Vessel Baiting and Trapping Programs
  • Residual spraying to containerised, wrapped and loose materials and equipment
  • Gassing to containerised and wrapped equipment
  • Venting of gassed items
  • Ongoing Quarantine Management Maintenance Programs
  • Site Inspection and Quarantine Management Recommendation
  • Tailored Quarantine Pest Management Programs
  • Supply of all Quarantine Documentation as required
  • Quarantine Consultancy

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