Bird Management

Pest bird populations are growing at alarming rates throughout Australia, affecting commercial and domestic buildings, airports and marinas.


killing any birds.Bird management can be an extremely sensitive area of pest management. Conservationists, animal welfare groups and the general public all demand
a humane approach and if possible to avoid killing any birds.

Why are birds considered pests?

Due to the acidic nature of their droppings they may deface buildings, cars and property. The slippery nature of droppings may contribute to slip and fall hazards. Birds nesting in gutters can cause blockages which in turn can cause water to overflow and contribute to water and structural damage to property.

Birds also host smaller pests such as bird lice and mites which if left unchecked can infest the buildings they inhabit.

Bird droppings also harbour fungal diseases which can become airborne and affect humans, an example of this is avian influenza (Bird Flu) which has been responsible for human deaths.

In most situations preventative measures are preferable to killing the birds, this is done through bird proofing and the use of physical and scare deterrents. Contact Envirotechnics today to find out more about these treatments.

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