The difference between Flying Ants and Termite Swarmers

September 3, 2020

One major confusing when comparing ants and termites is the issue of winged, flying ants and winged termite swarmers.

Termite Swarmers are young king and queen termites. These termites are the ones that leave the termite colony to start a new one. They have their wings to make this significant journey, but loose them after they mate. Termite swarmers will only emerge when weather conditions are right, usually on a warm, moist day. This frequently happens after a rain storm. They tend to emerge in swarms (hence the term “swarmer”).

termite-swarmerTermite Swarmers

  • Straight, beaded antennae
  • Two pairs of wings, both the same size and shape.
  • Wing have fine, narrow veins that have a lace like appearance.
  • Broad waist.
  • Short legs.


Flying Ants

  • Elbowed antennae.
  • Two sets of wings, the rear wings are smaller then the front wings.
  • Wings have well defined veins.
  • Narrow, constricted waist.
  • Long Legs

Ants, Termites

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