4 Signs you have rodents in your home

Rodent droppings 

If you discover rodent droppings in your home, its time to get the trap ready.

Fresh droppings are usually moist and dark in colour, later becoming grey after drying out. Mice and rats produce up to 50 droppings a day. You might notice these pellets or a urine stain in areas where they are most active such as pantries, drawers, under sinks or in the roof cavity.

You will find the most amount of droppings in area where rodents are nesting or feeding.

Stinky Smell

If you smell a musky odour that you just can’t pinpoint, there is a possibility it’s rodent urine.

Pets become active and excited in areas where rodents are present, but if you start to smell it, you might have a rodent infestation on your hands.

Rodents often die in wall or roof cavities, with this stench becoming unbearable. You might need to search around to retrieve and discard the body.

Scurrying noises at night

As rodents are most active at night, you might hear little scratching noises when you are getting ready to sleep.

If you hear squeaking, you’ve guessed it, there are more than one rodent present as this how they communicate with each other.

Tampered food

Rodents enjoy the same foods we do. This can be grains, seeds, nuts, chocolate etc.

Did you know an adult mouse can eat 3 – 4  grams of food per day, making up to 30 visits to your pantry or where ever the food source is?

If you notice small holes or tears through food packaging, do not eat the food. Rodents carry diseases through their saliva, transmitting salmonella and hantavirus.

If you’ve noticed these signs of rodents in your home, call us now to book a pest inspection, or get in touch for free professional advice from the Perth pest management experts.