Bee Treatments

beeEuropean Honeybees and Bumblebees were introduced for their superior crop pollination and honey production. They live in large colonies and some of these have become feral. If not in hives, honeybees can live in swarms that may settle temporarily in trees and even on buildings.

If you cannot find an dedicated Apiarist to remove your bees then Envirotechnics Pest Control may be the alternative for Bee Treatment.

If the bees occupy an existing hive and we have good access, the problem can be treated directly by eliminating the hive. This is best done early in the morning or late evening when the bees return from foraging. In some cases, we recommend bee proofing to reduce the chance of re-infestation.

Swarms cannot be effectively treated and should be left alone until they move on or form a hive. If this is not possible (due to allergies or the public) then we can arrange a general treatment that will reduce the numbers of swarming bees.

Please note that we do not remove bees from site.

How can I help to manage bees?

There is little to nothing you can do in the management of bees. The best course of action would be to seek expert help.

Honeybees will generally only sting if disturbed or threatened so don’t go near the swarm.

If the bees are not causing any trouble, leave them alone and one day the swarm will simply disappear and move on to a different location. Alternatively you can contact Envirotechnics for advice.

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