Bee treatments

Bees play a crucial role in our environment by pollinating flowering plants and crops, but they can also be a risk to humans.

Australia has around 1,700 species of native bees, with more insect species being discovered each year. Bees feed on and require both nectar and pollen. The nectar is for energy and the pollen provides protein and other nutrients.

European Honeybees were originally introduced to Australia for their superior crop pollination and honey production. They can, however, live in dangerous swarms that may settle temporarily in trees, in a wall cavity and on walls. Honey bees will sting, but generally only if disturbed or threatened so we recommend you avoid going near the swarm, particularly in warmer months.

A hive or bee removal service may be required for safe pest control.

If a hive is being a danger to humans, our team of pest control professionals can arrange a general treatment that will minimise the bee problem.

Envirotechnics can provide quick turn around bee control and bee removal services to homes and businesses across Perth.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

That’s why we offer expert advice on how to protect your family and pets, and minimise the chance of bees nesting or visiting your home. Our professional technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and advise on the most appropriate pest control service.

How can I help to manage bees?

There is almost nothing you can do to manage bees or swarms.

If the bees are not causing any trouble, we recommend that you leave them alone – the swarm will eventually disappear and find a new home.

Plus! Bees are endangered and provide a great benefit to the environment.