Aged care pest control services

Aged care & retirement villages

Envirotechnics understands the importance of effective and environmentally friendly pest management and pest control in aged care & retirement villages.

The presence of pests can be a major concern for patrons, staff and the local licensing authorities. Managers of aged care and non-hospital health facilities may only be given one chance by the local licencing authorities to rectify the problem before they are forced to close.

Our Aged Care Protection Service is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)- a process whereby we ascertain the specific pest management issues relating to your premises and present unique, effective pest control solutions tailor made to your business and the problems it faces.

Whether it’s ants in your aged care facility or cockroaches causing hygiene risks in your kitchen or catering facilities, our pest control team is available to conduct a pest inspection and manage pests to reduce health risks and control easily spread diseases.

Our pest control strategies and effective services are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of your vulnerable residents.

Our reliable, efficient and friendly team are fully vaccinated and have national police clearances. They are readily available to conduct a thorough inspection for common pests and take appropriate measures to protect your aged care and health care facilities.

Pest infestation or other pest problem in your aged care facilities? Get in touch for pest control services today!