Termite Management Solutions for Owner Builders

Prevention is better than cure with pest control services!

The best time to consider termite management is at the beginning of construction.

Back by years of experience working with Perth’s leading home builders and owner builders, Envirotechnics can provide quality, trusted pre-construction advice and apply pre-treatments to eliminate the potential for harm to your property and the health risk for your family caused by pests.

Professional advice and affordable price

We can design a termite system to prevent termites from entering the house before it’s completed. We can also implement rodent control measures to avoid a future pest infestation.

Pest services

We can apply a range of pest control methods to avoid the most common pests (such as insects, cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs) from becoming a problem for your property.

In just a few hours, a licensed pest control operator can conduct a thorough inspection and recommend the best pest control products to suit your pest problem.

We can also organise regular pest inspections of your property, once it is built, and recommend the most effective treatments and additional resources to prevent or manage subsequent pest infestations.

Our professional team can offer advice to prevent contamination from common pests, including ways to keep food contact surfaces clean, store food (rotting meat and food scraps can attract pests!) and ensure food safety.