School pest control

Envirotechnics understands the unique pest control and pest management challenges facing educational facilities, school buildings, staff and students.

We also know that a smarter, specialised approach in the way we apply pest control treatments can reduce pesticides and support your school’s broader environmental initiatives.

Our pest control technicians work hard to minimise disruption and our pest control methods reduce health risks from pest issues in school settings.

To ensure a safe environment, students and staff should know that their behaviours and actions affect pest management effectiveness. For example, food areas and food disposal containers (such as rubbish bins) can become a breeding ground for mice, rats, mosquitoes, and other common pests in schools if not kept clean. Untidy areas such as locker rooms and play areas also attract pests, so sanitation measures should be implemented to help control pests. You can also help reduce mosquitoes by directing water flow away from stagnant puddles.

Integrated pest management services for schools

At Envirotechnics, we base our specialised Integrated pest management service on the recommendations of a diverse group of school integrated pest management practitioners, regulators, advocacy groups and school administrators.

We have experience in providing pest control services to schools throughout Western Australia and have a proven track record for implementing cost effective preventative measures and keeping schools safe from pest infestations.

Does your school building have a pest problem? Do you have a question about managing pests, pesticides or our effective treatments? Want to know more about other pest management initiatives your school can undertake? Get in touch.