Integrated Termite Management Systems

We have 30 years of industry experience providing termite management systems to building companies

Integrated pest management systems, conducted by a pest control expert, provide long term management and fast acting protection against common pests such as termites.

Successfully integrated protection systems include various methods to manage the problem.

Many termite management systems are available as part of an integrated termite management plan. These services can be used singularly or in combination, depending on the type of construction and specifications to achieve compliance with the NCC and Australian Standards.

Termite control

There are two fundamental differences with the types of treatment we use at Envirotechnics:

  1. A chemical treatment zone to protect against the entry of termites
  2. A physical termite treatment system to protect against the entry of termites.

A combination of chemical methods and physical methods may be needed to meet the necessary minimum pest control requirements. And our team will recommend the right method for you.