Termite Management Options

If you have a pest problem, we have an integrated pest management solution to help.

Builders often ask us about how to manage termite pest control and our highly effective termite protection options to protect their builds and estates.

We offer a large range of pest control services and pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly options as well as the more common chemical pesticides.

Our termite management options

Chemical Soil Treatment Zones
A soil treatment is a type of pre-construction termite treatment. This termite treatment involves applying a liquid Termiticide onto the area surrounding the foundation of the structure. These termite protection treatments will minimise termites from entering the area which will protect your foundation and the structure as a whole.

Under Slab Reticulation Systems
Using a termite management system, the pest control professional will treat the area around and under the slab to minimise termites from penetrating the area and entering the structure.

Physical Termite Management Systems
Physical termite management systems provide termite protection and help control termites. Our termite control methods keep termites out of the area surrounding the structure, using an impregnated polymer.

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