Cockroach Treatments

Cockroaches are known as the ultimate survivors – they are scavengers and have the ability to eat almost anything, almost everywhere. They are a pest that need to be dealt with quickly though, as they are also carriers of diseases that can affect humans.

Successful management begins with a thorough inspection of the property to identify the species of  and to determine the extent and source of the infestation.

An integrated pest management program can then be prepared combining the elimination of food, water and harbourage. Cockroach baiting is generally the best method of long term control.

How can I help manage cockroaches?

Cockroaches avoid light and prefer warm, moist situations close to a food source. The first way to combat cockroaches is to maintain adequate hygiene standards and levels of cleanliness. Remove all food waste and debris from the house on a regular basis.

Store food in sealed containers, inspect incoming produce and containers prior to unwrapping as just one cockroach can become a major infestation in the matter of a month.

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