Ant Treatments

antTreating ants is a very common task that Envirotechnics technicians encounter frequently. Australian ants are generally considered a ‘nuisance’ pest. While they can be annoying, and deliver a painful bite if aggravated, they generally cause no harm, they carry no disease and they seldom destroy food products or internal structures.

Reducing the availability of food and liquids to ants may reduce your problem, but it won’t eliminate it completely. The best course of action is to find the source of the ants – colonies of the larger species, such as meat ant and bull ant, are easily found and can be destroyed through mechanical or pesticidal methods. If the nest cannot be found, there are other options available, such as baits and treatment sprays around the perimeter of the building, are the best option.

Different ant species may require different treatments but, following a thorough inspection and ant treatment assessment, the qualified technicians at Envirotechnics will know exactly what to do.

How can I help manage ants?

If ants invade your kitchen, try and find how they are getting in and block the hole with an appropriate filler. If you treat the area with store-bought spray, it may give you some short term relief, but wont stop ants from coming back again and again.

If you want to seriously reduce the number of ants and ants nests on your property, you will need expert advice and a dedicated program of treatments from the experienced and knowledgeable team at Envirotechnics.

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