Hospitality pest control

In today’s age, having a pest free environment is integral to the success of Hospitality, food and Beverage businesses.

Pest infestations in the hospitality industry present a significant health and safety risk to customers, guests, and hotel staff, and can affect a business’s good reputation.

Practicable measures to prevent pests in a hospitality business can sometimes be hard to avoid. Cockroaches, insects, spiders, mice, rats and other vermin, can hide anywhere. They can hide in crates, wall cavities, packaging and, in the case of termites, even in the hotel foundations themselves! Pest infestations can happen very quickly and should be taken seriously to reduce the impact on your business and the facilities.

Pest control services and maintenance should be at the top of the “to do” list for any business owner. 

A pest infestation can create an unhygienic environment for your team, your business and your customers.

At Envirotechnics, our pest control experts provide the latest professional, effective and eco-friendly solutions.

If you find your premises has a pest infestation, you may need to engage pest management experts, such as Envirotechnics, to help control and manage pests.

If you don’t treat pests as soon as you notice them, as a hospitality premises, you will be in breach of relevant food standard code and you may be forced to shut down.

It only takes one incident, like bed bugs at a hotel, or cockroaches at a cafe to damage your company’s hard-earned reputation.

At Envirotechnics, we are committed to providing a service that complies with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) guidelines and Health Department regulations.

For a respected pest management company who delivers pest control services to a variety of food businesses and hospitality facilities just like yours, call the Envirotechnics team. A pest management plan from us will control, treat and manage pest activity (including termite control).

Got a pest problem at your food premises? Want a pest free environment? Looking for an effective pest control treatment? Call us today.