Shopping centre pest control

Our commercial pest control methods keep shopping centres pest free.

Large commercial premises containing shopping centres, food courts, grocery stores, department stores, retail stores, play areas and loading docks, are especially at risk of rodent and cockroach infestations.

The high volume of readily available food, multiple entrances, complex supply chains, storage areas and the surrounding environment can make controlling pests difficult.

Stored fresh food and other products attract rats and mice while cockroaches feed around drains and garbage areas. If a customer spots any kind of pest inside a shopping centre, the business’s reputation can be seriously compromised.

Envirotechnics has been providing shopping centres and supermarkets with effective pest management advice and treatments for many years. As part of our integrated pest management solutions, it includes effective solutions to control common pests.

Our highly knowledgeable pest control technicians have expertise in managing pest in shopping centres.

Pest infestations require an immediate response. If your shopping centre has a pest problem, contact our professional pest control team today. They have all the information you need about our different pest control services and will help you find the right service for your needs.