Why do we need Pest Management?

Australian Builders are governed by the ‘Builders Code of Australia’, or better known as the BCA, as well as the Australian Standard AS3660.1.

The Building Code of Australia states that if primary building elements in new building work (including extensions) are susceptible to termite attack, protective measures must be taken. AS3660.1 offers a variety of physical and chemical treatment systems deemed to meet BCA requirements. These termite management systems are installed to prevent and/or reduce the chance of termites entering the dwelling through concealed entry.

With termites causing $750 million damage per annum Australia wide; it is understandable why preventative treatment is a necessary step in the building process.

How to achieve Termite Protection

Many forms of protection are available for the different forms of construction. The type of protection being proposed will determine if a type of treatment may be used singularly or in combination.

There are two fundamental differences with the types of treatment
1. A Chemical treatment zone against the entry of termites or,
2. A physical termite treatment system against the entry of termites.
A combination of the above mentioned may be needed to meet the necessary minimum requirements.

At Envirotechnics, we can offer a range of different products to meet all specifications and standards.

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